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Custom Printing
When it comes to custom printing we have many options available. From simple stamping to offset printing we can create just the right look for your product. Our friendly and knowledgeable service staff can assist you in choosing a printing option to fit your budget.

Hot Stamping
We use the highest quality foils that are available to bring a custom touch to your plastic packaging for less than you might expect to pay. This process is an old standard. It can add the brilliance of metallic foil or a pigment color to your package. It truly adds a certain amount of elegance to the package. Multi-color stamping is also available within certain parameters. Colors are available in metallic, gloss and matte finishes. Holographic patterns are available as well. Try a logo, a simple design pattern, or just a rim. The “Perugina” box (pictured) shows their logo, product information and gold border which was achieved by our hot stamping process.

Silk Screen
Single or multicolor screen printing available. This surely adds eye-catching appeal to your product.

For some, Coke may be “the real thing” and when you say Bud “you may have said it all” but our custom printed PVC containers will speak volumes to your consumer base and will enhance your products overall appearance. The Coke and Budweiser logos (pictured) were flexographically printed onto transparent PVC. The vacuum formed metallized PVC caps mimic the pop-tops and bottoms of aluminum cans.

The sky is the limit for this printing option. Want a photo or picture on the package; this is easily accomplished with this process.

Blanket Orders
These kinds of orders help you achieve better pricing. Get large volume pricing with smaller shipments. We will ship what you need and when you need it.

Of course we can provide them. Just send us your product. Usually for no charge, we will make a sample or two. Then send your product along with our sample to you in just a few days. At times we can provide samples even quicker.

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